Do things look different the last time you checked our website out? We have been working very hard to ensure our new site not only looks great — but it performs great, 太. This means we have built a site that all can use, enjoy, and navigate.  

WCAG 2.0 Level A standards provide guidelines to ensure people with disabilities including blindness and low vision, 耳聋和听力损失, 学习障碍, 认知的局限性, 有限的运动, 语言障碍, photosensitivity and combinations of these can still use the website.  

There are three levels of conformance to achieve the Level A criteria:  

  • (最低)
  • AA 
  • AAA(最高). 

At 斯威本科技大学, we aim for AAA. 

Our website incorporates the following accessible design elements:


Fonts and text sizes on this site were selected to optimise readability for 访问ors with visual impairments on all devices. 文本 content is compatible with most screen readers. 

You can also use your browser’s zoom function to increase the text size. 


Colours used on this site maintain contrast ratios consistent with WCAG 2.0 AA级要求. 

You can use some browsers to adjust the contrast and colours to suit your viewing preferences. 访问 媒体访问澳大利亚 for information about how to adjust browser settings. 


All non-decorative images and graphics contain a descriptive “alt” attribute (alt text). 


表 are used to display tabular data only and are not used for design or page layout. 


The HTML structure of the website is consistent with WCAG 2.0 Level A requirements and makes use of HTML accessibility tags where appropriate. 


This site uses cascading style sheets to apply visual design elements. Inline styles are not used for the purposes of design. 


All form elements include label tags where possible. 标签标签不能被包含, a title tag or a legend element is used to describe the form element. 


This site is designed to be compatible with multiple devices. The view resizes automatically to suit tablets and mobile screens. 


The website incorporates the following accessible navigation elements. 


Breadcrumb links are included on the site to highlight your path back to the parent section/page from the page you are on. 


You can use our search form found on every page to find content. 


This website includes meaningful heading hierarchy that can be navigated through using a screen reader. 


链接 are contextual and have been written to provide a clear understanding of where the link will lead you. 

  • Browser and smartphone on the table, with cactus and coffee mug.


    The 斯威本科技大学 website was designed to ensure its information and services are provided in a non-discriminatory accessible manner. All complaints about the accessibility of the Swinburne website will be investigated by the Marketing Services and Technology department and the outcome will be communicated to the complainant.

Want to know more about our accessibility services for students?

At Swinburne, we offer a range of reasonable adjustments to assist in your studies. 发现皇冠365app下载的 AccessAbility服务 能帮你实现学业目标吗.


斯威本科技大学 is committed to providing a positive educational experience. 皇冠365app下载感激并重视您的反馈.