Become that person who springs out of bed every morning, charged with energy for the workday. 有一份感觉不像是工作的工作, because you’re adding value to the world and being recognised for it. Nurture a network of colleagues and mentors you also call friends. How’s that for a life goal?

这个工具会帮你找到它. Swinburne’s Professional Purpose program runs alongside your bachelor degree and functions like a life and career planner. Its objective – to help you make the most of your university experiences and set yourself up for the sort of meaningful success others can only dream of.

Find your Professional Purpose

只是 登录到画布 带学生证.

It’s a program that helps you align your study and career choices to your interests. It’s a compass that will keep your career on the right path to accomplishing your mission (with ‘mission’ being a fancy way of describing the things that resonate with you). It’s also a mindset that will help you nimbly navigate the world of work as it keeps evolving, and remind you to make choices that are true to you and the type of impact you want to make in the world.

Well, that’s kind of like asking Why are road signs important? 确定, 你可以毕业, 随便敲一扇门, then take the first job offer that comes with a decent-ish wad of cash (nothing wrong with that), but at some point in the gig, you’ll start asking yourself, What do I want out of my career? Does this job make me happy? 接下来我要去哪里? 这是它??? (We’ve been t在这里 ourselves.) So, 为了避免四分之一的生命崩溃, we think it’s a good idea to start figuring out your guiding principles early, when the stakes aren’t as high and you have lots of time and space to find out what feels right, 什么不. Hint – while you’re still at uni.

不. In fact, that’s exactly why we created the Professional Purpose program. Whether you’ve known your calling since time immemorial, or openly admit to being a lost soul (or are somew在这里 in between), the program’s designed to kickstart and advance your self-discovery.

You’ll know you’ve nailed your professional purpose when you have a deeper understanding of yourself and your values. 也, when you feel clear about what you want to achieve and the sort of difference you want to bring to the world. And finally, when you gain knowledge of the professions that align with your purpose. Sounds a bit deep (it is) and mystical (it’s not … all you need is the motivation to know yourself).

如果你在第一学期开始学习学士学位, 2020年或以后, and are studying on campus, 然后你在! The program is in its trial phase and we’ll be making improvements based on feedback we receive from our pilot cohort (those lucky ducks joining Swinburne in Semester 1, 2020).

目前没有. But keep watching this space as we iterate and improve as we go.

Greater awareness of who you are, so you can pick study and career opportunities that you believe in. 建立专业人脉的信心. Insight into the world of work. 一种灵活和有弹性的变革方法. 这样的例子不胜枚举. End result – a university experience that is unique; that you’ll look back on as the best years of your life!

The program is designed to complement your academic units and work experience activities. It consists of online components and a workshop portion. 在线的部分是一系列的自测, questionnaires and activities that help you crystallise your values, while the online workshops* help you reflect on what you truly love and extrapolate a career blueprint based on your interests.

请注意: We highly recommend that you choose to do workshops in-person, 但皇冠365app下载明白生活可以变得忙乱, 这就是为什么皇冠365app下载还提供在线研讨会的原因.

It’s an online learning platform that lets you access study materials, 注意你的演讲,最重要的是, 找到专业目标计划. Current students can log on 在这里.

那就看你的了! 即使你没有明确的命名删除程序, following its recommendations will likely result in a high calibre CV that speaks for itself. (You’ll strategically be filling it with work experience, 志愿活动, professional bodies and clubs that align to your goals.)在过程中, you’ll also be making important industry contacts and building that oh-so-important network!

不, this certainly won’t get you any run-of-the-mill job. 这将帮助你真正了解自己, understand what you’re passionate about (and leave room for if/when this changes), create an action plan for pursuing said passion and have a professionally and personally fulfilling career!

悲剧. (只是开玩笑.变化是生活中唯一不变的东西, so it makes sense that people change their minds about what they’re interested in. It’s a good thing … it means that you’re growing as a person. If, 同时参加专业目的课程, 你发现你的价值观改变了, 你想调整你的学习方向, get in touch with a student adviser 具体的后续步骤.

幸运的是, 皇冠365app下载的很多学位都很灵活, 所以你可以中途换专业(或学位). 皇冠365app下载的一些课程(如工程学士学位), 有一个共同的第一年, so you won’t even need to declare a major till second year. 

Congrats for making the leap! Let the Canvas modules step you through your next actions. If you have questions, get in touch with a career consultant 在这里 或电子邮件