We offer a range of support services to care leavers — the 'Forgotten Australians'.  如果你经历过寄养, 亲属关系, 住宿或永久护理, we can help you settle into university and achieve your academic goals. 

As a proud partner of the Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare’s 提高项目预期, we’re committed to helping more young care leavers access further education.


是的,皇冠365app下载是来帮忙的. We can work with you to find a course that best suits you and feel more confident about 研究 in a different environment.  皇冠365app下载也可以帮助申请课程. career guidance, accessing Swinburne support services and referring you to external support services. 


To access our care leaver support services, please contact our support team:

Arti Vallabh
+61 3 9210 1947

  • Three students 研究 and chatting discussing an assignment within a building in the Hawthorn campus


    在皇冠365app下载, we offer an inclusive and welcoming environment for people living with a disability, 医疗条件, 精神病患者或有主要照顾责任的人.

  • Two students chat outside the Moondani Toombadool中心 for Indigenous students


    皇冠365app下载的 team in the Moondani Toombadool中心 supports Indigenous students, 包括校园, 在线和社区学习者, 掌握自己的学习.

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    Having money troubles or need some advice regarding your financial situation? 皇冠365app下载是来帮忙的. Find out more about our available grants, scholarships, and get one-on-one advice.

  • 住宿

    在史文朋发现你所有的学生住宿选择, 包括校内住宿, 共享公寓, 单间公寓和短期住宿.


你知不知道? There are a range of scholarships available to care leavers. See if your eligible for any of the following: We also suggest exploring the wide 资助范围 可用:

Access Scholarship for Students who are Care Leavers from Australian State or Foster Care 

A$5000 scholarship for undergraduate students from low SES backgrounds.



We offer a number of Care Leaver Bursaries for students who spent time in formal out-of-home care, 帮助他们实现学业目标.



Free tuition for young people aged up to 24 who have been/or are on a Child Protection Order, 家庭法庭令或青少年司法公正令.



离开看护中心的学生有权使用史文朋的 全方位的学生服务. 以下是一些亮点:

  • Close-up of woman's hands during counseling meeting with a professional therapist. Box of tissues and a hand of counselor blurred in the front.


    If you’re struggling with a personal or emotional matter, our counsellors are available to help. 这项服务对所有史文朋学生免费. 

  • 女人看医生


    Book an appointment with a doctor, nurse or specialist and find out about costs.

  • 一群学生坐在外面的一张桌子旁聊天


    Join a club or student organisation and meet like-minded people, explore new hobbies and get involved with the issues you care about. 找到你的人.
  • 石头平衡


    如果你需要一个安静的地方祈祷, 沉思或静思, 或希望向牧师寻求精神关怀, 前往史文朋的多元信仰中心.

  • 图书馆

    需要借书或预订电脑? 皇冠365app下载已经为你准备好了. The Swinburne library provides a wide range of services for our students and operates across three campuses.

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    Visit the LAS Centre for free consultations to improve your academic and language skills. Get advice on essay writing, making presentations, researching and help with exam preparation.

  • 学生们在书桌上用笔记本电脑在线学习


    史文朋有各种各样的学生制度, applications and software you can use to help with your studies including the Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office 365.

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    Improve your study and academic skills through our 学习和学术技能中心. Attend workshops, advice sessions, and access support for students facing challenges.


皇冠365app下载的 史文朋中心的技能和就业中心 at the Wantirna and Croydon campuses provides information about preparing for your first job, looking to retrain or taking the first step in a career change.

This government initiative provides services and support to assist young people, 16至21岁, to transition from out-of-home care to independent living and adulthood. 

离职关怀热线, 1, provides advice and referrals for young people leaving out-of-home care in Victoria. 该热线由墨尔本市代表团支持.

墨尔本的城市使命 assists people with housing, education, employment and social support. This includes accommodation options for young people under the age of 25 experiencing or at risk of becoming homeless.

This youth development service supports young people experiencing, or at risk of homelessness.

Berry Street offers support for young people when they leave the protection and care system.

This website is packed with info on support services and general life stuff that will assist you when you leave and transition from care.  

创建的 走自己的路 kits are a great resource for young people who are planning for their transition to adulthood and independence. 


青年中心 is the Victorian Government’s website for young people with information about jobs, 研究, 搬出家, 获得驾驶执照, 旅行, 像年轻的维多利亚人一样管理金钱和权利.


The Transition to Independent Living Allowance is a one-off payment of A$1500 available to eligible young people leaving out-of-home care.