At the Moondani Toombadool中心 students can receive assistance with pre-enrolment, 主题的选择, Orientation, graduation,以及学习后的生活规划. We ensure students’ education and training experience is positive, inclusive and successful.

什么是Moondani Toombadool中心?

成立于2018年, the Moondani Toombadool中心 is responsible for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander matters at Swinburne, 包括治理, 学生服务, 教学和学习, 研究, 工作人员, 文化, 参与和治理.



如欲与土著学生顾问取得联系,请发电子邮件 或者留个语音信箱 +61 3 9214 8481.  

史文朋的土著学生顾问可以在霍桑校区和你见面, 在周一到周五的办公时间预约. Please also feel free to email and schedule a call-back at a time that suits you. 


The Indigenous Student Services team provides academic services for Indigenous students enrolled in higher education and vocational education.  

Indigenous students can apply to work with qualified tutors to assist with their studies as part of the 本地学术成功计划. 符合条件的学生每周每学习单元可获得两(2)小时的学费. 此外,还提供额外的考试准备费用. 学费的可得性取决于资金和需求. 该课程对符合条件的学生免费提供.  

Students can also receive study and academic support by booking an appointment with a Swinburne LAS Advisor. LAS Advisors specialise in helping you to improve your study skills and get better marks on writing essays, 报告和做演示. LAS can also help you develop study and exam strategies and improve your maths and computer skills.


All Indigenous students enrolled at Swinburne (including 皇冠365app下载在线) are encouraged to apply for the 本地学术成功计划. 符合条件的学生每周每学习单元可获得两(2)小时的学费. 此外,还提供额外的考试准备费用.


Hawthorn校园也有一个土著学生休息室,位于TB 218. Please feel free to drop in and network with other Indigenous students in a quiet and culturally safe environment. 要进入土著学生休息室,请发送电子邮件 皇冠365app下载会为您安排刷卡访问. 


A range of scholarships are available for eligible students studying at Swinburne. Some relate specifically to Indigenous people and others are open to all students. Swinburne and other organisations have established scholarships to encourage Indigenous people to engage in higher education and vocational education.



史文朋土著奖学金是由职位推广组织赞助的, 一个独立的, 原住民拥有和经营的公司. 成立于2020年, the 皇冠365app下载自主助学金 support Swinburne Indigenous students to commence their education.

The one-off bursary payment allows Swinburne Indigenous students to purchase the support materials they require (such as textbooks, 期刊, 笔记本电脑或电脑, stationary or public transport passes) to ensure that they have everything they need to reach their full potential.


The Moondani Toombadool中心 will be supporting Indigenous undergraduate or postgraduate students with a Lenovo Notebook to assist with their course as they commence their first or second year at Swinburne. 成功的学生将获得联想Thinkpad L390一台.


The Moondani Toombadool中心 will be supporting an Indigenous student who has successfully completed a VET (Certificate I – IV, Diploma (including Unilink) and Advanced Diploma) course and is transitioning to a Higher 教育 course.


The Moondani Toombadool中心 will be supporting an Indigenous undergraduate or postgraduate student to assist with relocation costs or accommodation costs to begin their degree with Swinburne. 奖学金 will be awarded in a one-off payment and recipient must not be in receipt of or eligible for an ICAS scholarship or Relocation scholarship.


The Moondani Toombadool中心 will be supporting a VET Indigenous student enrolled to commence a Diploma (including Unilink) or Advanced Diploma. 该奖学金旨在协助搬迁和住宿费用.


史文朋也提供了广泛的大学, government and privately funded scholarships for eligible commencing and current students.

土著联邦奖学金 & 英格尔)

The Indigenous Commonwealth 教育 Costs Scholarship (ICECS) aims to improve higher education access for Indigenous people, 特别是那些需要从地区和偏远地区搬迁的人, 通过资助教育费用.


The 本土兽医数字奖学金 provides a once off payment for Indigenous VET students who are experiencing financial hardship preventing them from having access to sufficient IT hardware e.g. laptop/desktop and/or contributes to connectivity costs in order to undertake the online requirements of course delivery.



Graduates who identify themselves as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander are eligible to have their graduation fee waived. 毕业费包括:  

  • 学术头衔为典礼聘任
  • Trencher(帽子)和土著偷来保存
  • 两个客人的票
  • 毕业典礼程序
  • 仪式后为您和您的客人准备茶点

For more information, please feel free to contact the Indigenous Student Services team at or +61 3 9214 8481.


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    Improve your study and academic skills through our Learning and Academic Skills Centre. Attend workshops, advice sessions, and access support for students facing challenges.

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    在皇冠365app下载, we offer an inclusive and welcoming environment for people living with a disability, 医疗条件, 精神病患者或有主要照顾责任的人.

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    如果你面临学术或纪律问题, 获得免费, confidential advice on how to best manage your circumstances to get back on track with your studies.

  • 健康和幸福

    We offer comprehensive professional health and medical services to support the mental, Swinburne社区的身心健康.

  • 指导服务

    如果你觉得很难适应大学生活, 或者只是想找个人帮你熟悉一下, 皇冠365app下载友好的学生导师团队在这里提供帮助. Whether you're commencing a bachelor degree or returning to study as a postgrad, 学生导师可以给你任何关于史文朋的建议.


要与土著学生顾问取得联系,请发送电子邮件 或者留个语音信箱 +61 3 9214 8481.